Michele Volpato

Michele Volpato

Flutter (and Dart) blogs and tutorials

The main motivation I had to write here is the lack of organization of content for Flutter and Dart. There are many tutorials that are just copies of each other, which makes it harder for you to find a solution to your Flutter problem.

This is a curated list of quality blogs and tutorials about Flutter and Dart.If you think I should add a link to this page, please contact me.

Official resources




  • The Flutter Community aims at ensuring that packages made by the Flutter community are kept alive and maintained in one place. They also publish articles about such packages - feed.
  • On dev.to there are many high potential developers. Flutter on dev.to contains an interesting collection of articles, but you still need to filter for quality - feed.


  • The website raywenderlich.com is well known for quality books, video courses, and articles. The Flutter section is not as exhaustive as the native counterparts, but it is still a good collection of resources - feed.
  • Andrea Bizzotto is a Google Developer Expert for Dart and Flutter. His content is among the best I could find on Flutter. I have been looking for quality content for a while, and finally I found Andrea - feed, YouTube.
  • Vandad Nahavandipoor is not a content creator. He is a real world developer working in Sweden. He publishes daily tips for Flutter and Dart, updated very often, and he also has a YouTube channel - feed, YouTube.
  • Robert Brunhage is also a Google Developer Expert for Dart and Flutter and he creates videos about Flutter on YouTube. He is also working on a course. You can find more information on his website - YouTube.


  • Thomas Burkhart is Freelancer from Germany. He writes about Flutter on the GuruMeditation blog - feed.
  • Bart van Wezel is a Dutch Flutter developer who writes on his blog, Barttje - feed.

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